Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Eid Mubarak 1430H

A special dedication to Marina-san and Yasushi-san in Hamamatsu, right now :D

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin

A night in ramadhan 1430H (Lailatul-Kadr, perhaps...)

1st day Aidil Fitri-Bangi
wak parjo and mat saleh-Bangi
Tok Wan & Ilm'-Bangi
Mami, Ilm', Faiq n Horsey-Istana Negara (tak masuk, dok luar aje ngan kuda)

Rumah Chak-Bukit TunkuAnak2 Abg Apoi, Anak2 Acik n Anak2 Amir-Kampung Batu, Rembau
Abang Am-Seremban 2

That concludes our first day of raya... Morning in Bangi, then off to KL, then to Rembau and finally to Seremban before heading back home...

Jalan in KL-2nd day Raya
Angah-One Utama
M-boy-One Utama
Burger besar tangan-One Utama

2nd day, we just went to One-Utama shopping Mall... 3rd day was a Wednesday... Back to work... but in the second week, 11th day of Eid Mubarak... Balik the real kampong in Bagan Datoh, Perak...

Ayong, Angah, Ayang n M-boy-Kuala Selangor

Emir-Bagan Datoh
Wak Tonet-Bagan Datoh
Wak Intong-Bagan Datoh
Ilm'-Bagan Datoh
Emir-Titi Bagan Datoh
Faiq n Izz Farish-Titi Bagan Datoh

And on the 12th day of Hari Raya...

Trapped outside the house-Kepong

The 5 minute trapping of the family members outside the house is because our style of balik kampong without imforming anyone. Once in kampong kepong, no one at home... heheh... luckily only for 5 minutes maaaaa... In the picture you could see that Puan Fara is changing the pampers of the baby because the baby make some doo doo...

Ayong, Angah n Ayang-Puchong

And just last Saturday (13th day of raya), we went to Puchong for an open house...

Hope people in Hamamatsu is having a great holiday as well...

Alhamdulillah this year no accident for us, and hopefully none for you readers too...