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1st of all I know there are several doctors reading my blog. I ask that you read with an open mind and exclude yourself from what I am about to say. But what ever you think, its your opinion and you have a right to your own thoughts, so do I. To others, I have always praised Malaysia especially the Malays to boost up our morallein my blog... Today, my writing is a little different but it wont be like this always... I'll return back to my Malay spirit boosting personality as soon as I blow off some steam... My writing today is a little long, but I'd appreciete it if you all would read... ENJOY!!!

Update 11.30AM Malaysia Time
1. Telinga belum check lagi eventhough he's complaining.
2. Kakai tak x-ray lagi.

Yahoo Messenger Mobile between Puan Fara and her youngest sister:
mas mastura=adik puan fara
faiq57=puan fara

mas mastura: Jumpa psl telinga ptg kang.Kul 2.Aku dah insist pg,dia kate memang ptg je.Aku ckp dah,dr smlm delay.Aku baik ngan atendant.Nnti mntk tlg hntr pkai strecher
faiq57: orait le tu. make sure kul
faiq57: 2 ptg ko bawa dah tau. bagus baik ngan org2 bawah ni..mulut manis sikit depa tolong le. tq
faiq57: mas apa nama hospital ni?
mas mastura: Hosp tuanku ampuan rahimah kot.Nape?
faiq57: saja aku nak tau

My brother in law was admitted almost 48hours ago because he was found by some one beside the road. He was a victim of hit and run... He rides the motorcycle becuase he lets his pregnant wife use their car. He works in JB while his wife works in KL. Thats life and we are not complaining. Some people say, "thats why I dont ride the bike..." I tell you that you are lucky you dont have to. Anyway, its almost 48 hours since he was admitted to a government hospital in JB. My family members there have been following what the dr there said and have not argued with them. Lucky I wasnt there. I'll tell you why I call these people QUACKS!!! QUACK QUACK QUACK...

"Ala, saya pun pernah patah2, saya tau la apa saya buat", said one 'bone specialist' arrogantly to my sister in law when she querried when the leg was going to be x-rayed. In front of the patient pulak tu!!! What he doesnt know is that my sister in law is a pharmacist and has undergone medical training too. Dia takdelah nak bragg about it pon,buat dono je. She was reading the report on the feet of the bed and was concerned about the remarks made by te doctor about the blood and fluid dripping out of my brother in laws left ear. Even the doctors put a question mark on this but no tests have been done... 48 hours, an emergency, I wonder why...

mau ka???

One nurse came in because a doctor ordered her to take my brother inlaw of the drip. Then came anoher doctor scolding the nurse yet infront of my brother in law saying "Sapa suruh awak cabut drip? " plunged the needle back in not changing to a new one... these things are sterile stuff, even I know that...

There are things I dont know but there things I simply know, RESPECT people. Kalau saya kat sana, saya cekak dia kat situ jugak. Sapa yang bayar dia punya scholarship nak study medic kalau bukan duit saya dan mereka-mereka itu???

Why isnt the ear checked yet??? Almost 48 hours and bukannya orang tu tak cakap and nampak signs of blood coming out of the ear. Even they themselves querry that on the report. So today morning my sister inlaw was there at 8am. Begging them to do the test. WOW begging haaa, this is ZALIM stuff man. They finally agreed at 2pm. They agreed to do their job. Semalam satu hari buat apa? What if my sister in law hadnt made this effort, would they have checked??? We'll wait and see at 2pm nanti...

My friend's daughter had hi-fever at night. He went to the flashy newly built Hospital Putrajaya and was waiting to see the BOMOH with a lot of other patients. After almost 2 hours, his wife couldnt take it anymore and went in the doctors room finding that the he was fast asleep. Terus dia sound, tak terkata apa pulak la budak tu sebab kantoi red handed. This dude to my medical opinion should be revoked of ITS medical license.

HUKM, another place where quacks work. Especially the young ones, true account, these people like to go and watch movies during office hours. How do I know, my friend is a nurse there. They have one guy working for them, Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar Shukor. Doing his masters tapi dah lama gila tak siap2 lagi. Because he's a model wanabe and an astraunot wanabe at the same time. Where does HUKM dig up people like these? Tak profesional langsung, tak concentrate on their job...

Insensitive... See life and death everyday but cant seem to find the nicest words to explain to people. "Biasala tulang patah ni, biasala mak bapak awak mati"

Doctors are supposed to be selfless people who help. They are people who do not delay/procrestenate because even if the patient is not dying, they are in pain. Doctors are people who comfort others. At least this is so true in Hamamatsu. Eventhough I cant speak Japanese and they know so little English, Alhamdulillah these people are really suited to be called doctors. And here the hospital fee for government hospital where I always go to is as cheap as in Malaysia... Kalau nak kira duit jadi businessman lah... Nak suruh saya duduk terus Hamamatsu pasal saya compare ngan Malaysia? I'm simply trying to make a point for the better...


Someone told me yesterday, an American in Malaysia told him that if he were to be in an accident in KL, send him to a hospital in Singapore fore treatement... Malu sioul...

Didnt mean any harm to anyone except if I were there, the doctor talking about the "patah tulang" would find himslef rethinking his words. Hopefully you all reading this understand my point in blabbering...

We are not a well off people in terms of fortune and fame, but we are rich in budi bahasa etc. We do not complain much when bad things happen to us, we just accept it as Qada and Qadar. Is it also qada and qadar most of us receive this treatment? Do we not deserve care in our hour of need? Should I personally ask Allah this?

I dont ask for anyones support or comments on this posting but feel free to comfort me...

I apologize for the harsh language I used today, you can check my previous postings and see my style of writing. Very sopan santun I would say. Suddenly it changed today because I would like to smack some doctors from hospital tuanku ampuan rahimah, whoever that she was...

medical treatment only for the richly sick?


Blogger Ella said...

Izhal... betullah tu... like me... my daughter was born here... so of course ler I pi hospital kerajaan kat WA nie... n the hospitality mmg tip top... e.g: husband pun ditanya nak minum apa sambil dok tunggu i sblm bersalin kat ward tu.... klu nak cite byk lg ler.... at least i had the experience kan....

apa2 pun everythin mmg related to attitude ler....

2:40 PM  
Blogger NBB said...

don't blame the entire institution. it's the individual attitute that made it happen. kata orang sebab nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

tulisan dr buruk ye? hahah...u haven't see mine yet.

and i learn something from your entry. thanks.

p/s masih tak paham kenapa nila mesti tertitik dalam susu. kenapa susu boleh bubuh dalam belanga. apsal tak bubuh dalam botol je kan lagi senang.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous azli said...

One of the problems is short staffed especially experienced doctors who the moment contract is up went seeking the $$ at private hospitals.
So, gomen hospitals are left with a lot of young inexperienced doctors being mentored by senior doctors who may not be able to get those $$ jobs at private hospitals.
These doctors work long hours and it is scary to be treated by doctors who had not slept for more than 36 hours..
Oops.. Have to attend meeting
(to be continued..)

3:51 PM  
Anonymous tenma said...

izhal, i share your grievance. May Allah make it easy for your brother in law & family.
as for complaints on incompetent medical staff; believe me it's what many people here have experienced. then again, we have complaints about the police force, the city authorities, govt staff, academics, all sectors kan... tapi ya lah kalau doktor tak dependable, susah la coz they deal with our well-being & in some instances; our life!
doa banyak2, and never hesitate to question them back. i read in a blog somewhere even hospital doctors pun tak puas hati bila hantar relatives diorang to govt hospitals.. hmm..

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Izhar, betul segala apa yang anda tulis!...bukan pasal nila Malaysian DOCTORS are the same!! lupa bahawa guna duit rakyat bayar biasiswa depa, bila jadi doktor gitu perangai depa, saya dok U.K 3 tahun dan macam langit ngan bumi perangai depa....pelik betul perangai doktor ni..walhal ada yg belajar kat U.K, bila balik perangai berubah!!!..masa kat sana, "yes, what can I do for U?" atau "are u okay darling?, lets see the wound"..siap tepuk2 belakang lagi tiru Dr.mat saleh !...mungkin NBB tak begitu, that's why dia jadi pathologist, that means dia x jumpa pesakit at all. nengok specimen jer...kalau kat wad atau casualty dept. gitulah perangai depa...dah buat master cabut gi swasta sbb upah berlemon2...etika perubatan=null!...kalau nak citer pasal doktor yang sebegini ...7 hari 7 mlm conference x habis!.... NBB, menyamarlah jadi layman dan pi dptkan rawatan kat sepital gomen, lepas tu baru komen!....

Hospital line?

5:18 PM  
Blogger Sherin Almashor said...

Iz,I have heard many stories about the gov hptl but I do agree with 'Nurul Bahiyah Baharudin'-jgn pasal nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. My youngest brother Iman is a dr in a government hospital in KK. I'm not saying this because he's my brother but he is a very dedicated doctor. I've always complained about the services at the government hospitals. He said that there are a lot of factors at play such as lack of staffs, undedicated staffs etc. I guess just because we heard or experienced a lot of the downsides, we forget about those who really value their work and trying their best to make a change in such an environment.

Till today, if i nak bersalin, I'll never go to gov hospitals because of all the things I've heard from my friends. Kena tengking dengan nurse, being left alone kat tepi corridor until u are ready to give birth, lack of respect etc..

In your case, I truly understand your frustrations. Is there anything that Fara's family can do, like seeing the head medical staff to make a complain or something. The worse case scenario is of course to go to another hospital, may be a private hospital. I know mmg mahal private hospital ni..I doakan semuanya akan selamat. Take care of your wife. She must be very worried..Kirim salam to your wife and tell her that many of us are praying for her brother..
Ok, better go..I'm writing too much..hehehe

5:34 PM  
Anonymous azli said...

Anonymous, are you venting?
The scary thing about Malaysia is that it's slowly yet surely becoming a country of the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS.
Rich people or people with guarantee letters go to Private Hospitals whereas the mass have to endure the crowded and overstaffed public hospitals.
All these is not a secret but the situation has yet to improve..
Wait till you reach 65 where your Dread Disease or TPD policies expires..
You might as well die.
Which brings to the issue of petrol subsidy. By reducing the subsidy, the government is able to hopefully provide better health care..
Or is it just wishful thinking?

5:51 PM  
Anonymous noni said...

iz, when ppl talk about govt hospital..semua org phobia. nak lari ke hosp. swasta tak mampu.Tapi not all govt hospitals are like that.even private hospitals pun lebih kurang sama. It depends on the doctors and nurses there. If there are very dedicated in their work, I'm sure there are capable of giving 1st class service to their patients.

If you have heard in the news back in last december, the youngest bro of my fren, died after being stabbed at a petrol station in Cheras. He was stabbed right in his stomach and what did the dr at Pantai MEdical Centre Cheras did? They left him on the wheelchair, not even taking him to the ER for immediate operation.For them, it was important to follow the hospital procedures-fill in the forms, pay the deposit and then decide what treatment to give!In 3-4 hours later, he died.How did his parents who was working abroad felt?How did his bro who hasnt seen him in the past 7 years felt? HOw did his pregnant sister felt?How did we felt? ANGRY.

Tolong ler...if there's any docs reading this out there, kalau dah diajar cara-cara dan adab2 medical, tlg le praktikkannya.jgn bila dah masuk spital and dah berkhidmat 2-3 thn, terus jadi doctor yg pemalas.

I suggest that doctors pun kena amik some sort of ujian mcm PTK. kalau fail je ujian tu, tarik balik dia punye MD title...turun pangkat jadi dresser je..ahaks!!

6:09 PM  
Blogger Ija said...

Dulu masa mak bawak mak chak pi orthopedic dekat pusrawi pun rasa nak cekik mamat tuh. Memanglah mak chak tua and of course lah sakit tulang. Duh kitaorang pun tau tuh. So dia cakap menda kiterang dah tau and dia cakap takyah buat pape pun, sebab orang tu tua. Buduh sangat. Marah giler iza time tuh. and mak chak dah ler sakit teruk tapi suka berjalan, of course lah boley do something. Tapi dia dengan bongkaknyer kata nothing can be done. I think mamat tuh doktor yang bongok cause other than joint replacement, surelah ada banyak lagi alternative lain untuk tulung sakit tulang like extra calcium ka apa ka.. but no, dia kata he has seen orang2 tua camnie and nothing can be done! BULL!!

Dia tak kenal makchak and dunno the zest she has for life.. Omputih kerepot kat sini still boley bawak keter and pi jogging and sh** even at their 60s and 70s, why cant makchak? Dia semangat lagi nak gi pasar tau.. nnt doktor tuh tua, baru tau!!

Nyways, iza kat sini suka gi doktor.. derang baik.. sakit kecik camner pun derang layan.

And another comment of mine: We can write and vent individually how whacked the medical service is back home, but guess what.. our voices are not heard here. We're only tiny people.. but then again, tiny people have a right too.. so dear bro, u go write to a newspaper.. compile all this mumbo jumbo hospital issues of yours and your friends.. submit to Star or NST (dont use malay papers cause they only care bout siti nurhalize - nothing against siti tho)..

12:37 AM  
Blogger Fretsurfer said...

deleted first comment because I thought it was harsh on second thought.

Still, some doctors are okay, some are not okay. Experiences with government hospitals have taught me that you get what you pay for... A very unfortunate thing to happen especially after comparing the government hospital services in Australia or Singapore to ours. But then, it's all relative.. try having a stomache ache in Bangladesh...

12:14 PM  
Blogger Izhal said...

my conlusion,

it may look like im generalizing the whole quack thing about drs. if you read carefully i'm sure that you'd notice that im only giving 2nd persons view of precise isolated incidents here and there and also a fresh incident of the hospital that i dont care what the name is in JB. this entry was fueled by my disgussed of a personal thing that happened to my family member. i never try to generalize anything in my writings on people because people are not like image sensors fabricated on a single silicon die using the same mask pattern... but if i did generalize, i apologize...

When trained as a profesional, at least speak like one if you cant work like one. Dont blabber some idiotic phrases like what was said to my Boboy.

when ppl work abroad they will blend in with the environemnt. masuk kandang kambing mengembek, kandang rimau mengaum. when they come back this is exactly what they do. act like the beings in kandang malaysia. but its not that kandang malaysia is a rude place to be. at least not in the 80s to early 90s.

Every profession from the noble teacher to the businessman has their share of quacks. Quaks are complainers that just complain a lot about THEIR WORK and never get the job done, inevetibly in the process hurt other people. ARE YOU A QUACK???

take care of the family

6:38 PM  
Anonymous crimsonskye said...


Just came here through drroza's. After going through the entry, I do believe that it's never your intention to put doctors all in the same negative light. Cuma sebab the experiences with good respectful doctors/nurses in Malaysia are lesser for many people...

And I know what you mean when compare Hamamatsu and Malaysia, my mother used to say my childbirth easily wins hands down in terms of services, compared to my siblings who were born here.

Regarding your comment about usually it's the young doctors who are in the 'quack' category, this is my humble opinion, in my opinion this may be related to the comment I made to drroza earlier. They go into the medical field without really knowing how things are in reality, then only after all those years they finally become disillusioned with the status and high pay associated with doctors, and it's already too late for them to turn back. Which makes them very half-hearted and unprofessional on the job now.

I know this is no excuse at all, but what do you expect? I don't know about the rest of the schools in Malaysia, but last time all of us (especially the ones with good results) were totally drilled in and 'brainwashed' to become doctors/nurses/pharmacists or whatever related to medic, minat boleh datang kemudian, yang penting awak confirm dapat kerja lepas habis belajar so they said. When I said I wanted to take up IT, there were even remarks like "rugi je belajar sains 5 tahun tu" or "siapa yang nak ambil IT tu, awak dah salah masuk sekolah".

No one has even cared to mention to us the most important thing that a doctor should be, and I quote you: "selfless people who help", and are prepared to make a lot of sacrifices of their own. And that's where everything starts to go wrong, because now people are studying medic all for the wrong reasons.

On another note, drroza's explanation about the understaffed and actual pay reality of medical practititoners in Malaysia got me to thinking, is it so hard to make public health services the topmost priority here instead of all those horrendous wastage? I guess pimai pimai tang tu jugak... in the end, comes back to the govt we have chosen.

Am sorry for this comment to be so long, this is just one issue that I really feel strongly about personally, especially since I myself have many friends who decided to take up medic even though it's not what they have in their hearts at that moment, and I really don't want them to be another set of 'quack' doctors that you've spoken about in this entry.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Izhal said...

Wa'alaikumsalam warah matullahi wa barakatuh Crymsonskye...

Thank you for visiting this entry... Glad you saw that it was never my intention "kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga"... After SPM I also wanted to become a Dr but didnt apply for medic because im afraid of blood...

I quote you "is it so hard to make public health services the topmost priority"... good point and i think its not hard at all... Actually Dr. Mahathir (i'm not 100% with him but some good he does we must acknowledge) while in office underwent heart surgery right? He did it LOCALLY in IJN and during that period, IJN was recoginized world wide... My point is, if the big guns or their relatives get treated at these hospitals instead of private hospitals, I guarentee you that the service and experience of the local government hospital will shoot up... They will surely get new equipment, employ more staff... in short upgrade everything includidng the mentality and working ethics of the whole institution... batuk demam sikit suruh depa ni pi GH je... thats what i loved about mahathir, not his megaprojects and all but his believe in IJN made it once a renowned place for health care...

r u a dr as well??? if so, im sory for this posting but i wont take it down because it is a chapter in my life :)

by the way, i like your blog... :)

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Phalinn Ooi said...

If you are not generalizing..change the title of the entry's the most generalized title ever, in a degrading way. i don't know what's the stigma against medical students studying overseas is all about...but i highly suspect it's because of jealousy...nothing else...seriously.

4:54 AM  
Blogger Izhal said...

seriously who are you to command me to change the title?

read it... it says doctors=quakcs?
not doctors=quacks <--no question mark would be generalizing...

i wont change it...

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Ih said...


if im not mistaken you have to graduate, do housemanship and take an oath 1st b4 u could use the title Dr., or else someone might call you the big Q... :)

5:16 AM  
Blogger Izhal said...

i wonder why some people seem to stand by the bad fish that make them smell??? if i had some bad example collegues and they were commented on someones blog, Id not be mad at the blogger and write a blog to entry just to repent!!! Id be mad at my collugue because he made my profession look bad!!! So bloggging Doctors... stop to think aye!!! Back the quacks that I SPECIFICALLY pointed out proves only one thing, you're a quack too... READ THE TITLE and tell me again I'm generalizing if you have a morsul of a brain cell...

10:58 AM  
Blogger nurul said...

hello guys,

it's nice to get feedback from what type of treatment malaysian patients are facing at the moment.

I am currently in clinical specialist training in Europe. InsyaALLAH when my husband and I have completed this we would like to come back. It is very unfortunate to hear of how patients in Malaysia are treated and the banjaxxed health system our country has, I don't blame you guys for calling us quacks. Any other person would; if this maltreatment and neglact carries on.

This should be a reminder to all Malaysian health professionals who come across issues like this; especially to improve ourselves; I hope. I am not going to apologize on behalf my other health professional 'quacks' colleagues... But indeed I hope I can treat my patients the best I can. Doctors are not GODS or BOMOHs, we are all human and we also need to admit our mistakes. That is a sign of courage and sincerity. Patients need to be put first; otherwise there will be a huge gap between the sick and the curer and that is not the way a treatment process should be.

I hope you guys can make du'a for me and my husband to finish our specialist training so we can come home; there is no place like home...home is where the heart is!!!
Thanks for the constructive criticcism.....
Regards to all of you!!!! Including Mr. Hamamatsu!!!!

4:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear blogger IZHAL,

well whe i've read all the comments especially your opinion on this issue to think logically and fair i do agree with dr.phili that u are genaralising doactor especially foreign graduates even though im not one. If you are so critical about all the stinky job those doctors do why dont u be a doctor yourself and prove how almighthy a doctor you could be? a bet u cant even get into medical school as your low down immature mentality shows. well too bad that's what all malaysians are good for anyway complaint coplaiant complaint! forever complaint and never look at the mirror. at least a doc' job i to heal ans ave lives...dont tell me u are the best worker in yr job whatever sshit work u may be doing.

10:34 AM  

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